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Product Spotlight: Door Armor


This is a must See for anyone concerned with home security!  The video was produced by an alarm company, who did not believe that Door Armor would work.  They set out to prove that they could make it fail and filmed the test.  The Surprise was on them!  That company now recommends Door Armor to all of their customers.

Police Tested & Recommended

Door Armor has been tested and recommended by police and multiple independent sources.  Police understand that alarm systems simply alert you that an intruder is inside of your home.  Home security begins before the bad guys get in.  Door Armor is the only product of its kind to stand up to a battering ram in an independent test.

100,000 Safe Homes and Counting...

Since 2006, Door Armor  (formerly EZ Armor) has been used to secure more than 100,000 doors. Armor Concepts promises that it's products will never cost you more than they save you.  Simply put, Door Armor will save you money and could also save your life.  

Guaranteed For LIFE

The Door Armor guarantee says it all.  If your home is burglarized due to a kick-in of a properly installed Door Armor kit, Armor Concepts (the manufacturer) will replace the kit and will pay your homeowners insurance deductible (up to $150).

Secure Investment Properties

If you own investment properties, look no further.  Door Armor is the ultimate tool to protect both vacant and occupied properties.  Door Armor is installed in thousands of apartment communities nationwide and has been used to protect thousands of vacant and occupied single family investment properties.  

Not just for "bad" areas, Door Armor is available in white, satin nickel and aged bronze colors.  Once it's installed, your resident will not even know that Door Armor is there, until it saves them.  Retaining residents is the objective of every property manager or property owner.  Safety is the #1 reason that residents move and it can cost more than $4,000 to replace a single resident.  Door Armor will save you thousands.  And don't forget about the famous Door Armor Guarantee.  Armor Concepts will pay you up to $150 if you lose a resident due to a kick-in of a door with a properly installed Door Armor unit.  

Featured Products

Door Armor MAX Color *
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The Door Armor Max Combo Set in: White, Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel finishes **Choose Finish** The ultimate in protection and ease of installation.  This kit comes complete with 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield, 2 Mini Door Shields and 2 Hinge Shields.  The patented design and 3-point protection system reinforces all of the potential weak points on your door and is backed by the legendary Door Armor Lifetime Warranty against kick-ins.   Door Armor is barely visible once installed.

The MAX Combo Set is the perfect combination of tough security and easy installation and is the product we recommend for most security and repair applications. Installation time: about 30 minutes.  With more than 100,000 Door Armor units sold, nothing else comes close.

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Door Armor MINI Color *
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The Door Armor MINI Combo Set in: White, Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel finishes **Choose Color** (formerly EZ Armor Mini Combo) The simple and effective way to protect your home or property in about 20 minutes.  The kit protects the jamb and the lock area of the door, which are the first two weak points to break when a door is kicked and comes with extra screws to protect the hinges.  

While not as stout as the Door Armor MAX Combo Set, the MINI Combo still carries the legendary Door Armor Lifetime guarantee against kick-ins.

Our Price: $59.00

Sale Price: $54.00

Armor Latch Color *
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The Armor Latch Sliding Door Dead Bolt in: White and Copper finishes **Choose Color** Protect you patio doors with ARMOR LATCH sliding door deadbolt. The dual locking system helps prevent sliding glass doors from being lifted out of their track. Attractive and effective sliding door security.

Our Price: $29.00

Sale Price: $26.00




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Percentage of burglaries committed through a door


Average Minutes taken for Police response time to a home alarm


Average amount stolen during a home burglary